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10K Gold Chain

7mm Meshy Ma45

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Yellow gold
Gold 2 Tones

Casting 7mm gold 10 karat chain

Square mesh chains are available for all lengths. This is a robust and ideal daily life pattern.
  • Made in Canada
  • The possibility of a bracelethere
  • With a custom packaging and a medusa box.
  • Issued with a certificate of authenticity that can be used for insurance purposes.
  • All the jewelry is printed in pure gold.
  • Each purchase has a 100 day defect margin, excluding personal injury.
  • Medusa's jewelry is not a dealer or official partner Versace. All of our jewelry is created by Medusa.


Metal: Or 10K
Color: Gold, gold
Size: 7 mm
Pierre: N/a

100% satisfied

  • If, for any reason, you cannot purchase 100% within 15 days of receipt, you can return any goods.
  • Inquire about our exchange and return policy Return policy


18 inches +46 g; approx
20 inches = 124; approx.22.74g
22 inch = 124; approx.25.02g
24 in = 124; approx.27.29 G
26 inch = 124; approx.29.57g
28 in = 124; approx.31.84g

*Note that*

*All weights are approximately 10 karat gold. The final weight is about 15%
*Jewelry can appear larger in photos to show details
*Due to the fine grinding and polishing style in the manufacturing process, the width of some chain models may be reduced by 0.5 mm.
*Platinum and rose gold are available on special request.

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