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Our History

Medusa Jewelry, Who We Are?



Bijoux Medusa's mission is to democratize and rediscover its customers, particularly the youngest, the beauty of gold jewelry through the originality and quality of its products by offering them an unrivaled experience by facilitating accessibility through 'online purchase.

Creating a real buzz with its business model, Bijoux Medusa quickly carved out a privileged place among the main jewelers in Quebec. Its innovative and innovative approach democratizes the world of jewelry by making the prestige of gold more accessible.

By using the latest technologies, it is a 4.0 company. With its presence on social networks, there is no need to travel! The online store allows you to purchase jewelry from anywhere, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Bijoux Medusa aims to meet the requirements of its customers through the quality, exclusivity and accessibility of its products. It offers a large collection of jewelry from recognized brands around the world. Gold and diamond jewelry imported from Italy are our specialties and each piece of jewelry has its own appraisal certificate guaranteeing its authenticity and value.

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For Bijoux Medusa, each person is unique with different needs and goals. This is why the jewelry store offers a 3D design service to its customers, to allow them to create and have their own custom jewelry produced.

For the greatest benefit of its customers, Bijoux Medusa has created a pricing policy that allows it to offer high quality, personalized products at the best prices on the market.

Medusa Jewelry values integrity. It thus offers quality services and guarantees its products, contributing according to it to the development of a long-term relationship of trust with its customers.

The strength of the company lies in the originality, the spirit of innovation, the perseverance and the strength of character of the young owner, Mr. Julien Duguay. His exemplary leadership has allowed him to be cited as an example among the best business practices in this field.

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