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Online jewelery No.1 in Quebec | Gold jewelry specialists and diamonds

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Jewelry medusa is a company of Saguenay - Lac Saint-Jean Specialized in the sale of gold jewelry and diamonds that offers a very wide variety of products for men and women. Among the selection, we find among others rings, chains, pendants, necklaces, bracelets, earrings and watches for all tastes. The majority of jewelry models are 10K gold. However, depending on the models offered it is possible to get them in 14K and 18K gold on request.


The gold jewelry and diamond imported from Italy are some of the biggest specialties. Indeed, the jewelery offers a large collection of brand jewelry recognized around the world, at the best prices on the market.


Using the latest technologies, Medusa jewelry is part of a company 4.0 with its omnipresent presence on social networks. Thanks to its unique content and its original marketing approach, jewelry Medusa quickly expanded its network and happens to join the buyers where they are, that is, directly at home.

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No need to move! The online store allows you to buy jewelry and participate in competitive competitions or launches at competitive prices from anywhere, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Users can select the online product, place of delivery and pay with a credit card, Bitcoins, ApplePay, PaypalG-pay and or or again AmazonPay. It is also possible to create an account and connect with it in the Medusa jewelry online store.


Medusa jewelry uses parcel delivery services Canada Post By putting on a fast, safe and personalized delivery. Each command is carefully prepared and sealed in a bubble envelope, the colors of the Medusa brand, to ensure maximum protection. When sending, a tracking number is sent by email to the customer and the client can follow the route of his purchase directly from the delivery site until his arrival at the chosen client. In addition, each jewel is accompanied by its own evaluation certificate guaranteeing its authenticity and value.


Medusa jewelry stands out with the quality of its 24/7 client support via the Internet in addition to its opening hours to the public.


The Saguenan company has been appointed to BID Quality Award Frankfurt 2018 Among the best practices in innovation and marketing around the world. Exemplary leadership of the owner, Mr. Julien Duguay, allowed him to be quoted as an example among the best business practices in this area because he revolutionizes how to buy jewelry.

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