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November 23, 2022

A new $1.2 million destination jewelry store


Quebec, Wednesday, November 23, 2022Medusa Jewelry unveils its new head office now located in Quebec in the Lebourgneuf sector. Founded in 2017 by businessman Julien Duguay, medusa, a specialist in gold and diamonds, has quickly risen to the rank of number 1 online jewelry store in the province. Thanks to its modern business model, dominated by social networks, and its vast inventory of jewellery, particularly gold chains and prestigious watches, the company is positioned with local and international customers, in particular thanks to its delivery service all over the globe. Continuing its ascent, the jewelry store has recently invested heavily to create, alongside the architect Étienne Bernier of the Agence Spatiale, and the company L2 Construction, an elegant destination boutique in the National Capital. Currently open by appointment only, the jewelry store medusa de Québec, where every detail has been thought through, offers a journey into the world of luxury and opulence.

Jewelery Medusa Interior


Very present on the Web and social networks (from Facebook, Passing by instagram, and more than ever now on TikTok) thanks to its very complete transactional site since its beginnings, Medusa Jewelry has succeeded in gaining the trust of a valued and demanding clientele. Dynamic and daring player in an aging industry, Julien Duguay considers that his very down to earth and personalized approach, particularly when he presents each jewel on his social networks, has made it possible to democratize the world of jewellery. This new store, which also serves as the company's headquarters, offers a physical point of service in a large center to customers who, although comfortable buying online, also like to come and admire the products in store before purchasing. In addition to watches, medusa offers more than 5000 different models of gold chains, whether white, yellow or pink, earrings, rings and others set with diamonds and precious stones.


business people, customers medusa, who are 80% male, share an interest in luxury. Loyal, the clientele developed thanks to the exceptional customer service of the team of Medusa, returns regularly to shop in store and online. Many of them even become collectors over time. The Quebec store was entirely designed for them, in order to meet their needs, by creating an environment conducive to discovering products and developing privileged relationships with their jeweler.

To guarantee the security of the premises by sublimating the two huge glazed walls that frame the shop, the team of architect Étienne Bernier has abandoned the traditional bars on the windows in favor of gold-colored twisted steel strips. Inside, vast glazed counters, overhung with lights showcasing the jewelry, adorn the showroom and imposing golden walls introduce a magnificent ceramic floor set with the brand's logo. This one, omnipresent in the decor, represents the Greek deity Medusa. In addition to offering a refined atmosphere and the elements that allow for extremely personalized service, whether in store or on the Web, Medusa offers its customers the opportunity to shop well bar rolex. By appointment on site, guided by a specialist medusa, customers have the opportunity to discover the specific features of each watch, ranging from 5 000$ To 200 000 $, and explore the major brands available to them before making their choice.

Jewelery Medusa Interior Gold Jewelery


Medusa Jewelry has for mission to democratize and make rediscover to its customers, particularly to the youngest, the beauty of a gold jewel by the originality and the quality of its products by offering an unequaled experience by facilitating the accessibility by the purchase on line. Creating a real buzz with its business model, Medusa jewelry quickly carved out a privileged place for itself among the main jewelers in Quebec. Its fresh and innovative approach democratizes the world of jewelry by making the prestige of gold more accessible. By using the latest technologies, it is part of a 4.0 company. With its presence on social networks, no need to move! The online store makes it possible to source jewelry from anywhere, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Medusa Jewelry aims to meet the requirements of its customers through the quality, exclusivity and accessibility of its products. It offers a large collection of jewelry from recognized brands around the world. Gold and diamond jewelry imported from Italy is her specialty and each piece of jewelry has its own appraisal certificate guaranteeing its authenticity and value.

Bijoux Medusa
Bijoux Medusa

Julien Duguay s’est taillé une place privilégiée en quelques semaines parmi les principaux bijoutiers que compte le Québec. Bijoux Medusa a démocratisé l’univers des bijoutiers en le rendant prospère, mais également en rendant le prestige de l’or auprès de la clientèle. Son leadership exemplaire lui a permis d’être cité en exemple parmi les meilleures pratiques d’affaires dans ce domaine, car il révolutionne l'industrie de la bijouterie. Reposant sur un nouveau modèle d’affaires, dont plusieurs n’y croyaient pas du tout.

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