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noviembre 23, 2023

UPDATE February 8, 2024:


✨💎 Big Rolex Black Friday Competition 💎✨ The moment you've been waiting for has arrived! To celebrate Black Friday, we are offering one lucky winner the chance to win a magnificent Rolex Datejust 2 Tone in 18-Karat Gold. 🌟🕒 How to participate ? 1. Make a purchase from Bijoux Medusa, online or in store, between November 23 at 6:00 p.m. and the end of our Black Friday promotion. 2. Every order with the suffix 'R' is a chance to win! The more you buy, the more you increase your chances. 🎟️ Prepare for an unforgettable experience and try your luck at owning an exceptional timepiece. ⌚ For more information on competition details visit our website, Good Luck! #Rolex #Giveaway

♬ original sound - 𝐌 𝐄 𝐃 𝐔 𝐒 𝐀

Our Rolex competition continues into the new year, giving you more opportunities for people to enter and win a Rolex Datejust 2 Tone in 18-Karat Gold. ➤ Watch the official draw announcement video

Here are the terms of participation and key dates:

Terms and Dates:

➡️ You can participate by making a purchase online or in store until January 1, 2024. (Your order will end in R)

➡️ Every jewelry order placed from Black Friday (November 23, 2023) until the New Year (1er January 2024) equals one chance to win. Order S29537R has S30780R)

Important dates and names to remember:

➡️ Draw of the 5 Finalists and Winners: February 9, 2024

1st Finalist: Yannick Grégoire | Order 29782

2nd Finalist: Kenny Lamoureux | Order 29968

3rd Finalist: Alexandre Bergeron | Order 30461

4th Finalist: Mathieu Duval | Order 30707

5th Finalist: Pier-Luc Trepanier | Order 30283

Video of the Draw of the 5 Finalists

@bijouxmedusa The excitement was palpable, and the wait was worth it! It is with immense pride and joy that we present to you today the long-awaited results of our prestigious competition #ROLEX. Here are the names of the five exceptional finalists who will have the honor of participating in the grand final in our store: 1st Finalist: Yannick Grégoire 2nd Finalist: Kenny Lamoureux 3rd Finalist: Alexandre Bergeron 4th Finalist: Mathieu Duval 5th Finalist: Pier-Luc Trépanier Mark your calendars! The grand finale will take place live on February 17 at 5:00 p.m. Prepare to experience a spectacular event, which promises to be a real spectacle. We look forward to sharing this unique moment with you. #Giveaway #QuebecJewelry ♬ original sound - 𝐌 𝐄 𝐃 𝐔 𝐒 𝐀


➡️ LIVE competition between the 5 Finalists for the winner of the Rolex Watch: February 17, 2024 4:00 PM

Video of the Final Draw COMING SOON



Medusa is launching an exceptional Rolex draw for Black Friday!

Dear luxury jewelry and watch lovers, Jewelry Medusa, your go-to destination for high-quality jewelry, is excited to announce an exclusive Black Friday deal this year. Get ready for incredible promotions and a unique opportunity: the draw for a Rolex Datejust 2 Tones in 18-Karat Gold!

Competition details: From now on Thursday, November 23 at 6:00 p.m., each purchase made on our site will automatically give a chance to win a luxurious Rolex watch. Here's how it works:

  • New order numbers: All orders placed after 6:00 p.m. on November 23 will have a special 'R' suffix, for example, S20001R. This 'R' stands for 'Rolex' and indicates that your order is entering the draw.
  • Automatic participation: Each order with the suffix 'R' is equivalent to one entry in the draw. The more you order, the more you increase your chances of winning.
  • Announcement of the winner: The draw will take place live on our social media on February 17 at 5:00 p.m. We will draw Live among the 5 Finalists present on site!

An unprecedented price: The winner will walk away with a Rolex Datejust 2 Tones in 18-Karat Gold, a symbol of luxury and elegance. This watch is a true gem of watchmaking, renowned for its exceptional quality and timeless design.


Medusa is launching an exceptional Rolex draw for Black Friday!


Why participate?

  • Accessibility: Whether you shop comfortably online or visit us in store, every purchase counts towards the draw. All purchases and orders will count as an entry.
  • Exclusivity: This offer is unique at Bijoux Medusa and represents a rare opportunity to own a luxury Rolex watch.
  • Advantageous: In addition to the draw, you will benefit from our Black Friday promotions on a variety of high quality jewelry.
  • Unique experience : Participating in this draw represents an exceptional and rare opportunity. Not only do you have the chance to win a prestigious Rolex watch, but you will also experience the excitement of an exclusive event, making your shopping experience even more memorable.

Conclusion : Don't miss this exceptional chance to celebrate Black Friday and treat yourself for the holidays. Come discover our incredible jewelry offers and try your chance to win a Rolex Datejust. We look forward to your orders to begin this luxurious adventure together. Good luck to all our customers! 

Meeting on www.bijouxmedusa.com/pages/blackfriday to participate and discover our collections as well as our Black Friday promotions.

Julien Duguay
Julien Duguay

Julien Duguay s’est taillé une place privilégiée en quelques semaines parmi les principaux bijoutiers que compte le Québec. Bijoux Medusa a démocratisé l’univers des bijoutiers en le rendant prospère, mais également en rendant le prestige de l’or auprès de la clientèle. Son leadership exemplaire lui a permis d’être cité en exemple parmi les meilleures pratiques d’affaires dans ce domaine, car il révolutionne l'industrie de la bijouterie. Reposant sur un nouveau modèle d’affaires, dont plusieurs n’y croyaient pas du tout.

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