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18K Gold Diamond Ring

Sany d11-lonely ring 67pt gold sparrow

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White gold

Gold engagement ring

Exclusive diamond engagement ring Diamonds are the most common gemstones in engagement rings It is the highest sign of love, because it symbolizes purity and eternity.
  • factoryItalian economy
  • With a custom package and an elegant Medusa box.
  • Issued with a certificate of authenticity that can be used for insurance purposes.
  • All jewelry is printed on their pure gold basis.
  • Every purchase has a 100 day defect margin, excluding personal injury.
  • Medusa's jewelry is not a dealer or official partner, Versace, and all of our jewelry is created by Medusa.


Metal: gold
Color: platinum
Pierre: 50 diamonds
pure VS1
carat 67PT Center+45PT
Total carat: 1.12 carat
Cup: Used to cutting
Color: Golden sparrow

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