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Bulova Watch

Bulova Precisionist-98B228

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Gold 2 Tones

Bulova precision watch 98b228

From precision collection to precise timing to 1:1000 seconds and second-hand continuous scanning, precision timing recorder is extremely precise. Stainless steel, grey copper tube with ion processing, multi-layer carbon fiber blackboard, light clock, lithography index, calendar, screw housing, screw housing, screw crown and safety double pressure release ring.

Propelled by quartz crystal and driven by three exclusive brova needles, the precision vibration frequency is 262 kHz, which is 8 times higher than that of standard quartz clock and watch, and the precision is incomparable.


Metal: stainless steel
Color: tone
Exercise: Precise
crystal quartz
diameter 46 mm
Water density: 300 m



Your watch, brova, is covered by our full margin for three years


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